2018 Argyros Assyrtico, Santorini, Greece

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2018 Argyros Assyrtico, Santorini, Greece

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Year: 2018
Appellation: Santorini
Region: Cyclades
Country: Greece
Style: Dry


This remarkable wine is an absolutely unique product of its environment - the dry, windswept island of Santorini in the Aegean Sea. Grown away from the beaches and the tourist villages of blue and white houses, the handful of producers on the island are well worth a visit. Make sure you see the unusual way in which the Assyrtico vines are grown: on the ground to maximise the available water, and pruned into a circular shape with the grapes hanging inside to avoid the winds.

The wine is generally made in a minerally, bone-dry style, with high acid and a citrus freshness that balances the almost saline minerality. Think Chablis or Muscadet sur lie as a starting point, although it usually has a bit more weight than those northern French models.

Oysters are a natural accompaniment of course, but it also works with sushi, sahimi, ceviche, calamari, and pasta alla vongole. You get the idea...