2018 Ross Hill ‘Pinnacle Series’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Orange, NSW

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2018 Ross Hill ‘Pinnacle Series’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Orange, NSW

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YEAR: 2018
VARIETAL: Cabernet Sauvignon
COUNTRY: Australia


The Orange wine zone is unique amongst Australian appellations in that it is the only area defined by altitude. Only vineyards over 600 metres asl qualify; below that they are plain old “Central Ranges”.

What that extra height means is a wide diurnal temperature range, or a big difference between daytime peaks and night time lows. This makes the vines inch slowly towards ripeness, and that longer ripening period means more complexity and depth once the grapes are eventually picked.

That complexity translates into the finished wine, with layers of flavour revealing themselves over time in the glass. This is a wine that rewards contemplation as it unwinds and develops. Park yourself by the fire with some really good cheese...